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Why bring your dog to Wag-n-Splash?

Fun, exercise, and therapy!

Swimming is phenomenal exercise for most dogs, but particularly high-energy breeds that need as many outlets as possible for their boundless enthusiasm for life! If your regular walks or play are not enough for your dog, swimming can provide that extra edge to help your dog feel as healthy and happy as possible.

Veterinarians routinely suggest swimming for canine rehab and strength building. Rehabilitating a dog with water has many benefits, including decreased weight bearing through the joints which reduces pain. In the water, gentle range of motion of all four limbs is accomplished and strengthening is provided by the water resistance. Neurological re-education for muscles occurs because they are used differently. There seems to be psychological benefits for the dogs that occur as well, because they are able to exercise without pain.

Swimming can benefit your dog's body in these ways:
• Loosening tight muscles
• Increasing circulation, endurance, and flexibility
• Increasing range of motion, balance, coordination and muscle strength
• Decreasing swelling and pain
• Relaxation
• Confidence building

Conditions which may benefit from swimming include:
• Joint injury
• Degenerative Myelopathy
• Hip/elbow dysplasia
• Spinal injury
• Mobility problems
• Arthritis
• Pre/Post-Surgery
• Chronic pain
• Geriatrics
• Weight reduction

More happy swimmers!!
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When my vet suggested swimming or hydro-therapy would help my dog heal from her surgery, I was surprised.  I'd never heard of it.  But she loves swimming at Wag-n-Splash and her recovery is going very quickly!
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