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Rates and Frequently Asked Questions

Wag-n-Splash is open Tuesday through Saturday, by appointment only.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

24 hour cancellation notice is required for all appointments. If 24 hr notice is not provided, 50% of the scheduled visit’s fee will be charged on the next visit.

We offer a 15% discount when 10 swims are purchased in advance.
Pre-purchased swims must be used within 5 months. See swim agreement for additional details.

First visit and orientation (roughly 45 min) $40
1/2 Hour Swim Session
45 min Swim Session
1 Hour Swim Session
15 min Puppy Swim (4 months or younger)
$25 initial swim, $15 after
Each additional dog from the same family


Can I get in the water with my dog?

Definitely!  However, unless your dog is completely comfortable swimming in a pool environment, during the first session, you will be better support for your dog by encouraging him from the deck. For new swimmers, the first session involves talking with you and getting to know your dog and allowing your dog to get to know and trust us and the pool.  Starting with the 2nd session, if you would like to get into the pool, you are welcome to do so.


Does my dog need to wear a life-jacket?

We provide life-jackets for all canine swimmers. Our jackets fit all sizes, from 10 to 200+lbs. We take your dog's safety very seriously. Again, unless your dog is completely comfortable with swimming in a pool, all first time swimmers are required to wear a jacket.


What other safety measures do you take?

Safety is #1 for us! We are not kidding when we say we take your dog's safety very seriously. We believe that a slow and steady introduction to water is the proper way. We have developed a system that has helped countless dogs learn how to swim and/or overcome their fear of water. We are both certified in pet CPR and emergency care. And, the entrance area, pool ramp, and deck are covered with non-slip mats.


How do I schedule my appointment?

The fastest and most efficient way to get a hold of us is through text: 843.697.5652. It is impossible to answer a phone call while we are swimming, but a text can normally be answered in the breaks between swims. You can also email us at Please note that although we do use Facebook, it is not a good way to schedule. FB messages have a way of getting lost or delivered to the "alternative" mailbox. We do our absolute best to respond to calls/texts/emails within 24 hrs. If you have not heard from us, please feel free to send a quick follow up. We aren't ignoring you, we promise. We are just very busy and don't have a receptionist (volunteer position is open though, if interested).

What should I bring to the appointment?

All you need to bring is yourself and your dog! We have a large assortment of floating toys for your dog to play with. Of course, if your dog has a favorite toy or treat, please feel free to bring it. We also provide towels to dry your dog off after the swim. Arriving at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time will give your dog time to go potty (this is very important) and get comfortable with his surroundings.

What kind of pool do you have?

Our pool is a 14ft by 24ft above ground, Legacy Pool for dogs. It is about 4ft deep and holds 9000 gallons of water. We have a heated, salt water system for optimum comfort for your dog. The salt water system allows us to use minimal chemicals and does not require the use of traditional chlorine pucks. The salt water is easy on the dog's coat and our skin (and we are in the water up to 8 hrs a day!).


Do dogs ever poop in the pool?

Yep, accidents happen and we understand that. This is why is it very important that your dog has time to go to the bathroom before we start the swim. Please take a look at these tips to help decrease the chances of an accident. We have a thorough procedure in place to clean the pool, but please understand it is time consuming and your dog's session will be cut short. Also, most accidents cause us to shut the pool down and cancel all swims for 24hrs. As you can imagine, this is an inconvenience to our other clients that we would like to avoid.


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