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Poop tips

These are some things you can do to minimize the risk of your dog accidentally pooping in the pool:

• Try to schedule the swim session so that it follows your dog’s pooping schedule. For example, if your dog normally poops after breakfast around 10am, schedule the swim for 11am or after.

•Don’t feed your dog different food or treats that he’s not accustomed to at least 12 hours before a swim session. Try to keep the diet consistent the day before your dog’s swim.

•If your dog is taking new medication or supplements and you’re not sure how it will affect his bowel movements, wait a few days before your dog swims so you know that everything is normal.

•If your dog is incontinent, please tell us. We will work with you on scheduling to minimize the chances of an accident.

•If your dog has had diarrhea in the past 24 hours or you think he may not be feeling well, please reschedule the appointment. We understand and you are not charged a cancellation fee.

•If you sense your dog is acting differently while swimming, please tell us and we will take your dog out of the water so you may walk him outside and give him the opportunity to go to the bathroom. It’s been our experience that some dogs will suddenly act in an agitated or distracted manner while in the pool. We can sometimes recognize when a dog needs to go potty, but if you suspect your dog may need to go, please tell us.

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