Indoor Pool for Dogs - Fun, Exercise, & Therapy
On Dorchester, just 2.5 miles from 526 in North Charleston, South Carolina

Meet the Owners

Emily and Molly McMullen (pictured above with their wonderful mom and 5 amazing rescue dogs) have worked with dogs and been involved in the rescue community for over 20 years. Over the 5 years of owning and operating Wag-n-Splash, they have developed a very unique system to teach dogs how to swim and help them feel comfortable in the water. That system is founded in both their competitive swimming history and their overall passion for the well-being and health of every animal that they meet.

In the News

Water safety with your dog

One of our rescues, Sadie Mae

Our dogs LOVE their sessions at Wag-n-Splash!
They come home so tired and happy.
We feel good knowing how much swimming
helps their hips and knees!

Wag-n-Splash News!

Charity Requests

Please click here to visit our charity page. We are always happy to help however we can. All you have to do is ask!

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